TV DADS (Self Titled)


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released December 1, 2018

Album art by @Chloe O' Laughlin
Produced by Ken Dudley at Cottonwood Studios
A special thanks to Gary Becker at Pinehouse Media and all our friends and family who have supported us. We couldn't have made this without you!


all rights reserved




A few boys from Idaho playin some of that dang punk rock

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Track Name: All Our Friends
We spent the day with all our friends. The sun came up and we slept in. Sing me that sweet song, the one you always sing. I need to get away, oh, how it takes me away.
Track Name: Too High
We got lost that night
We got a little too high
We felt the moment just right, i'm glad to be with you here
We got lost in time
Tears pooling from our eyes
We felt the moment just right, I'm glad to be with you here

It feels like I'm losing my mind these days, gettin longer and longer
It's nice to get away for a little while
I'll rest my head and I'll breath for a moment
But I could die right now
Still wouldnt have shit figured out
I could die right now
I think I'll never figure it out
Track Name: Piss Dust
It's a big show, I'm over it
Sick of kissin ass, gonna find an ass to kick
and I swear I won't miss
I'm piss-drunk, pissed-off, and sick of your shit

This should be the better part,
But we're stuck here again
So let's try and pretend
That we're not fallin apart

Hey I know it's late but I got a question
I know you told me never to call again
But I just had to call and see if you meant it when you told me never to call
Hey I know it's late but I got a question
I know you're not a doctor but I trust your opinion
Should I be mixing alcohol with all of these prescriptions?
And if I'm honest I guess I just wanted to talk

These stale days feed my rotten behavior
I'm sick of running and looking for saviors
The best advice that I ever gave her was
Get out while you can, this ship is sinking fast
Track Name: Sleep for Days
I just wanna sleep for days
close my eyes and wish the world away
forget about all my mistakes
I just wanna sleep, I just wanna sleep for days

Last week was a nightmare so I called in sick again
Stayed up late, takin in more beer than oxygen
I swear to you I'm done, swear to myself I'm done with this

I keep fallin straight back into
This pit but I won't bother, so just hand me another
Was I depressed, no, I'm not quite there yet
Just turn off the lights, cause I'm getting back in bed
Track Name: Famous Last Turds
Hey, told you all my little secrets...didn't help
Hey, call me on all of my shit put me through hell

Somethin special in the way you hold me
When I'm shaky, actin crazy,
Cracked and bleedin but I'm healin, you soaked up all these fucked up feelings

Hey, I'd been goin through some shit...could you tell?
Hey, I just need a moment to feel like myself

Somewhere on the way here,
I lost a little piece of me
I try to play the game but
Livin like this makes me anxious
Track Name: The Spins
My friend's passed out in the bathroom
Asleep on the floor, cause we're all hopeless drunks
I throw an old blanket over him
I kinda know I won't mind, cleanin his guts off the floor in the morning

And isn't that what a friend is?
Someone to cover you when you know you've already had too much and
Isn't that what love is?
A surface to catch you that will never break no matter how hard you fall

My friend's passed out in the bathroom
huggin the toilet like it could save him from himself
Cause when you're passed out your problems cant touch you
Asleep on a concrete floor you know you're invincible

And isn't that what a home is?
A place you can run to and hide no matter what you've done
And isnt that what most of life is
A whole bunch of people running around looking for somewhere they belong

And I know that there's nothing left to drink to
And I know that I've already had too much
And I know in life we all find our own damn meanings
Well I find mine, when the floor gets soft and the ceilings spinning
Come on!
Track Name: Take Me First
I remember when porn got boring
Beer starting tasting good and then it stopped working
All that weed can do is make my shitty band sound good
Where were you when you learned politics was bullshit
and neither party cares for you
We're basically cattle to profit rich and powerful people
who decide the fate of the world at parties we'll never be invited to

Life's a horror movie everybody dies

I keep a list of every moment I've ruined
and every person that I've hurt
But everybody's gotta grow up to be somebody eventually
I became the guy who gets too fucked up and ruins everything he's invited to

Life's a horror movie everybody dies
Take me first
Track Name: Shake You
6 months have passed and this feeling still lingers
My heart's beating stronger now but I can still feel it when
When you
Try to get me to believe that you still care
When I know that you couldn't now
Like you know I do
Like you know I...

And I hate this house
Where you sat on the couch right next to me
Getting wasted and watching movies, doin dishes in the evenings
And I hate the sound
of your voice over the phone
It makes me feel so God damn lonely every time
Cause I can't seem to shake you...

I can't seem to shake you.

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